Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1/22/13 - Going to the Movies

1/13/13 – Parental Guidance

My sister and I have gone to the movies a lot lately.  The last movie we saw was “Parental Guidance” with the Divine Bette Midler and the ever hilarious Billy Crystal.  I thought it was great!

We went to the wrong theater so we were almost late.  In our defense, the theaters are right across the street from each other and our coupons merely said UA.  Note to self: UA = Regal Cinema, not Cinemark.

The conversation with the teenage clerk at Cinemark went something like this:
Self – “We need two tickets for the movie with the parents in it (we couldn’t remember the name).
Teen Clerk – silence
Self – “The one where they are watching the kids while the parents are out of town.”
Teen Clerk – “The scary one?”
I’m sure he felt redeemed when he was finally able to determine that we were at the wrong theater.  Score one for the pimpled teen as the blonde-headed sisters who dye their hair dark, headed across the street.

12/22/12 – The Guilt Trip

The picture above is from our trip to see this movie.  We went to the matinee and yep, we were the only ones there – opening weekend.  Sis is waiving her hands so she doesn’t get lost in the vacuum.  Can you see her?

It was a good movie, not great, but one of my co-workers saw it with her daughter and they both disagree with me. They thought it was the best ever.  Seriously?  How on earth do movie critics ever survive the disputes?  Oh, the drama!  :)

And yes, I realize there are many good movies at the theaters right now.  Here’s why we passed on the rest.

  • “Lincoln” – my sister is a teacher.  She wasn’t in the mood for a historical piece.
  • “Les Mis” – I don’t like to pay for someone to make me cry my eyes out.  I had enough of that in 2012.
  • “The Hobbitt” – Nah, no particular reason, just Nah.
  • “Zero Dark Thirty” – too dark..... same thing with “Gangster Squad” and “Last Stand”.  I like such movies, just not these days, apparently.
  • “Broken City” – I wanted to see this, but sister dear had already watched it with her boyfriend.  Traitor.  LOL.

What movies have you seen lately?  Do you have a favorite?


  1. if i could watch a movie in a theater like your sister is sitting in i might go. no theaters full of people for me. so that means i have seen nothing new in years. i see them when they are old enough for TV. we don't own a DVD so that is out. i was just watching preview of Parker and i would like to see that. so the two of you sat through a movie in an empty theater? that is like a dream for me.

    1. @ Sandra - I'm with you about the crowd issue. I avoid crowds at all costs. Yes, it was empty, and it was great! :) I kept teasing my sister that she didn't have to rent the whole thing just for me. LOL.

  2. I love matinees! Especially when the theater is empty.

    1. @ Kim - right? Least cost AND no crowd.... awesomeness! :)

  3. I haven't been to a theater in ages. The last time was probably about 10 years ago, maybe longer. That would be kind of fun being the only ones in the theater

    1. Hi Ann! I go in spurts - sometimes as much as several years in between. I always avoid crowds (or I don't go), but never have I been to an empty theater before. It was great fun but kind of weird. And I think it was opening weekend for that movie! Yikes.


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