Thursday, March 7, 2013

3/7/13 - Yo, You Still There?

Just checking in to let you know we’re still here.  It’s me – Nonni aka Nonnikins.  Mom says to tell you she’ll be back soon.

She’s around.  She just got real disillusioned when we closed out 2012 and she realized how far away it might be before we move into an RV.  I think everything from this past year or so got to her, but she’s okay – and says to tell you she is getting spiritually centered again – and feeling better all the time.  She’ll write more later, but this post is from me.

Bentley is asleep or he would help me.  Miss Hope said cats and dogs can’t write at the same time – whatever that means.  So I’ll catch you up – more or less.

Mom recently went on a girls’ weekend with her BFF and her sis.  Last time they went to Salado.  This time they hibernated in a hotel room near the Galleria and did “girly stuff” – whatever that means.

Bentley and I had to be boarded.  It wasn’t so bad though, and it was only one night.  Mom works at this place on Saturdays now.  We get to go with her to this job.  I sure wish we could go with her to her office job too, but for some reason we have to stay home on weekdays.  She says she works at this new place on Saturdays so that if we ever get sick again, she knows she can get us the care we need.  She calls this place “a little heaven on earth.”  She calls the people that work there “angels.”  We call it the “Oh no.  Run for your life!  Vet!  Needles!” place.  No, not really.  We like it too.  Just don’t tell anyone.

The Vet angels also helped Mommy find a rescue group that found a forever home for a lost dog we found.  It came right up to us, unlike Smiles.  Do you remember him?  It took us days to get him in the car, but this little guy came up and was begging us for help.  Mom bathed him and fed him and it only took 2 weeks for him to find his forever home.  It’s a good thing too because he had a chip and it turns out that the people that had him didn’t want him any longer so they just put him out.  Mom says people like that should be shot.  Bentley, Miss Hope and I think they should just bring the unwanted to Mom.  She loves all animals.  We’ve met a lot of people who do.  This guy’s new family named him Sami, and they got Sami groomed so he looks just like his new Bichon sister.  We don’t have an updated picture of him yet, but Happy Trails Sami!

Mom has also been spending a lot of time at this place in the next picture. She goes here to learn and grow and get spiritual and calm and turn negative into positive and a whole bunch of other things I don’t understand.  She says it has nothing to do with religion and is another place that’s heaven on earth.  It’s a really pretty place – full of love and peace.  They even had a special day just for pets!  (Mom will tell you about that in another post soon.)  All I know is that people are happy here and we enjoy hanging out while waiting on mom.

Photos courtesy of FB - Unity Arlington
Betsy recently had an oweee.  She was in the shop a few days and ultimately had to get a new water pump.  Mom gives us fresh water several times a day.  I don’t know why it took Betsy so long to get new water, but she’s okay now.  Mom said it had something to do with more angels.

We’ve been going on lots and lots of very long hikes.  Can you guess where we are in this picture?

If you didn't guess that stadium, do you know this ballpark?

Well, that's it for now.  I hope you enjoyed my post!


  1. thanks for the update, lots of stuff a going on. so happy you found that sweetie and found a home to. great second job and mom is thinking ahead...tell mom you did a great job with this post and maybe you can be a reporter when you grow up...hope 2013 finds many wonderful things for all of you.

    1. @ Sandra - this is Debra, LOL... she did do a good job, didn't she? ;) Lots going on but it's all Good and I am grateful. I'm so glad you're still here. Great to hear from you. HugZ!

  2. So glad that you are there to update for your mom. Tell her to be patient, it took me over 12 years to follow my dream.

    1. @ Susan - Deb here... 12 years vs. 12 months, yes, I can see where patience might be in order. :) Love and hugZ to you and Angel. Did you ever get that close-up I took of the two of you?

  3. Thanks for the update Nonni! Tell mom we'll be here when she gets back, & to enjoy some peacefulness in the meantime. :-) xoxo

    1. @ Robin - mom, errr, D here - I LOVE THAT YOU ARE HERE. Thank you! And yes, have been enjoying peacefulness. Thank you my friend.